7 Great Invention Ideas Not Many People Know About

Innovation and creativity are the drivers of progress in our modern world. Many people wander “How do I start my invention idea?” every day. While some inventions get plenty of attention, there are many that go under the radar. Let’s explore some of these lesser-known invention ideas that offer groundbreaking potential.

1. Self-healing Materials

Developed primarily for industrial use, self-healing materials have an innate ability to repair themselves when damaged. These innovative materials can increase the lifespan of structures, save on repair costs, and enhance safety.

2. Air-Purifying Roof Tiles

Considering the growing concerns related to air pollution, the invention of air-purifying roof tiles is truly a breath of fresh air. These specially designed tiles contain a catalyst that can break down nitrogen oxide – a primary pollutant in the atmosphere.

3. Gesture-Based Computer Interfaces

Gesture-based computer interfacing is a revolutionary approach to computer interaction. This tech allows users to control computers or other devices by merely moving their hands or fingers in the air.

4. Portable Desalination Devices

In a world where fresh water supply is gradually becoming a major concern, portable desalination units offer a potential solution. These devices can turn seawater into fresh water, providing a portable and powerful improvement in water accessibility.

5. Ingestible Sensors

The medical world has seen a game-changer in the form of ingestible sensors. These pill-sized devices can transmit vital information about a patient’s health from the inside, potentially detecting disease earlier and enabling more effective treatments.

6. Solar Roads

While solar power is far from a new idea, integrating solar power generation into roadways is a novel concept. Solar roads could harness significant amounts of clean energy while providing other benefits such as reducing road maintenance and even melting snow.

7. Plant-based Plastic

In the era of increasing plastic pollution, plant-based plastics offer an eco-friendly alternative. Unlike traditional plastics that take hundreds of years to decompose, plant-based plastics can degrade much faster, reducing their environmental impact.

These are all great invention ideas, how do I come up with an invention idea? The best way to come up with an invention idea is just to brainstorm. Think about things that are currently problems in your life or issues that you find annoying. Then, think of ways they could be improved or fixed. If you can’t think of any problems in your life, head out into the world and look for them.


These invention ideas may not yet be common knowledge, but they hold immense potential to shape our future. These innovators are tackling some of the greatest challenges of our time, offering a glimpse into a smarter and more sustainable world.

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