May 2023

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Invention Assistance Companies: The Catalyst for Creative Vision

Inventing something is no easy feat. It can be daunting and complex, but it can also be rewarding and exciting. It takes dedication, creativity, and hard work. But it can be done. And with the help of professional invention companies like InventHelp , it can be done successfully.

Who Is InventHelp?

InventHelp is a leading invention assistance company that has been in business for over 35 years. With a passionate commitment to helping inventors realize their dreams, the company offers a wide range of services, from helping inventors create a detailed description of their invention to connecting them with manufacturers and helping to secure funding. InventHelp is one of the best companies that help inventors to get their ideas patented and brought to life.

Industry Expertise

InventHelp’s team of experienced professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of the invention process. They provide valuable guidance and assistance to inventors by offering advice on areas such as patenting, marketing, and prototyping. In addition, InventHelp offers inventors the opportunity to have their invention idea reviewed by industry experts in order to determine its potential success.

Access to Funding

InventHelp provides access to a wide range of funding options that can help inventors take their idea to the next level. From venture capital and angel investors to crowdfunding and grants, InventHelp’s team of experts will help inventors locate the right funding source for their invention. Furthermore, InventHelp can also help inventors create an effective pitch to these funding sources in order to secure the necessary funds.

Connections to Manufacturers

InventHelp has a network of manufacturers that it works with to help inventors bring their product to market. InventHelp will connect inventors with the right manufacturer for their product, ensuring that the product is manufactured to the highest quality. In addition, InventHelp will handle all of the logistics associated with the manufacturing process, such as sourcing materials and negotiating terms with the manufacturer.

End-to-End Support

From ideation to distribution, InventHelp provides inventors with the end-to-end support they need to bring their invention from concept to reality. With InventHelp’s expert guidance and access to resources, inventors can confidently pursue their creative vision and bring their invention to market. With InventHelp’s help, inventors can make their dream a reality.

InventHelp can show you how to protect your invention, even how to invent a product with no money, bring it to market and connect with investors. Contact them today to learn more about how InventHelp can help you become an inventor.


InventHelp can help you become an inventor, no matter what stage of the process you’re in. From evaluating your idea and providing guidance on how to protect it, to helping you bring your product to market and connect with investors, InventHelp will be there every step of the way.